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Avonlea Garden Furniture

  • Avonlea Garden Furniture

    Inspired by summers on the north shore, the Avonlea Garden furniture is styled simply and artistically to lend any outdoor home or garden area a classic charm. A type of furniture that can bring together themes of garden, outdoor seating and dining areas, the Avonlea collection fits well in any natural setting.

Our Products

Avonlea Garden Chair

Item #: 940-P

26''w x 25.5''d x 38.75''h

Avonlea Garden Bench

Item #: 941-P

44''w x 25.5''d x 38.75''h

6' Avonlea Garden Bench

Item #: 944-P

64.5"w x 18"d x 37.75"h

Avonlea Garden Coffee Table

Item #: 943-P

36''w x 16''d x 18''h

Avonlea Garden Side Table

Item #: 942-P

16''w x 16''d x 21''h


Item #984 - 22''w x 5''d x 22''h
Item #960 - 16''w x 4''d x 16''h

Especially designed to go along with our Mission and Van Buren style furniture, but works great with other styles also.
For color options, see our colors page.

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