About Us

How Finch Began

Finch took flight in the heart of Lancaster County, PA during the bitter winter of 2002. Without normal construction work due to the cold, Finch’s founder, then 18-year-old Merv Esh, found himself in his uncle’s woodworking shop building picnic tables for local furniture dealers.

At the time, it was thought to be nothing more than a side project.

By the end of 2-weeks, so many orders came in that what had been intended for evening and weekend work quickly ballooned into a full-time enterprise.

In 2010, this little start-up rebranded from Windy Valley Woodworks to Finch – a name that represents our fun-loving, dedicated approach to building hardy furniture.

Finch Today

Today Finch has around 20 employees and over 200 dealers all over the United States.

To the Finch Future

We hope to spread our wings further, bringing Finch furniture to more dealers in new areas. As curious entrepreneurs, we are constantly improving our products and designs to make them more delightful than ever before.

Our Values

Bring Joy

We want our shop to have a fun workplace culture. We want our dealers to enjoy selling our furniture to people who delight in the beauty and comfort of Finch furniture.

Live with integrity

Paying bills on time, putting our heart into the work we do, and communicating authentically are all part of a culture of integrity.

Serve generously

Service is not just an act; it’s also an attitude. We strive to be experts not only in building furniture, but also in caring for our customers.