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Color Options

26 Poly Colors + over 100 Fabric Colors = myriads of possible combinations!

Color options for poly furniture.
Color options for poly furniture.


Close your eyes and imagine. Imagine colors. Red. Green. Yellow. Blue. And all the shades in between. Finch makes outdoor furniture in a variety of colors. Not quite every shade, but there's 26 poly lumber colors to choose from. Besides, you can mix them for a cool two tone furniture piece and even pair with your choice of over one hundred different fabric colors. With a little bit of your imagination, we'll make your patio furniture dreams come true. Check out all the colors and combinations with our color visualizer below!

Visualize Your Furniture Colors

Sometimes, visualizing your outdoor furniture can be difficult. With twenty-six poly lumber colors and over one hundred outdoor fabric colors to choose from, the possibilities are dizzying. Especially when you realize that you can mix and match them to your heart's content. It's not always possible to see the exact color you want and sometimes the exact combination of your fabric and lumber color isn't even available in a picture. No more worries! With our poly furniture visualizer, you can see your dreams spring to life. Choose the adirondack chair, the patio dining set, or the deck chair and start experimenting with poly lumber colors. You can see what a solid color outdoor chair looks like with your favorite cushion or what your favorite sports team's colors look like on an outdoor dining set. The only limit is your imagination. Start creating your dream poly furniture set today!

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