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SunSurf Lounge

  • Two SunSurf Lounges on a cobble stone patio.

    SunSurf Lounge

    Bask in style with the SunSurf Chaise Lounge. This poly lumber chaise lounge is the perfect addition to your poolside furniture collection. What is a chaise lounge? The chaise lounge also known as a patio lounger is a stretched out chair that is long enough to support the legs. While commonly found indoors, chaise lounges have found a new life as outdoor furniture pieces. Handcrafted in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, our outdoor chaise lounge features an adjustable back. With five different back positions, you can read a book while drinking lemonade or lay flat to get a golden tan. Ready to move into the shade? No problem! Simply pick up the front and wheel the lounge to wherever you want to go. Finish off your outdoor pool furniture set with an Avonlea Garden side table.

    To complement its unique design, our chaise lounge is available in a wide variety of colors. Whether you mix and match or choose a solid color, you'll never have to worry about repainting your chaise lounge. Our pool and patio furniture is made to withstand typical wear and tear that most wooden furniture experiences. No more maintenance worries. Just lay back and relax.

Our Products

SunSurf Poly Lounge

SunSurf Lounge

Item #: SU-Lo

Overall dimensions when flat: 80.5"L x 22"W x 15.5"H.
When elevated the backrest is 47" H.

Avonlea Garden Poly Side Table

Avonlea Garden Side Table

Item #: AV-TaS

16''w x 16''d x 21''h

Seat Cushion for SunSurf Lounge

Seat Cushion for SunSurf Lounge

Item #: SU-Cu

Fits the SU-Lo SunSurf Lounge
For color options, see our colors page.

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