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Keystone Dining Furniture

  • White Poly Dining Furniture Set

    Keystone Dining Furniture

    A fusion of bar table and regular dining size, the Keystone collection features a mid-level table and comfortable chairs with the option for chair arms or cushions in many different colors. Ideal for casual outdoor spaces, the Keystone design is the perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen, grill area or poolside table.

Our Products

Poly Dining Rectangular Tables

Dining Tables

Item #: 900-P Series

980-P - 43" x 43" Dining Table
981-P - 43" x 60" Dining Table
982-P - 43" x 72" Dining Table
983-P - 43" x 96" Dining Table

Keystone Round Poly Dining Table

Keystone Round Dining Table

Item #: 400-P Series

401-P - 42" Round Dining Table
402-P - 48" Round Dining Table
403-P - 60" Round Dining Table

Square Poly Dining Table

Square Dining Table

Item #: 972-P


Half Round Poly Dining Table

Half Round Dining Table

Item #: 971-P - 46" Dining Table

Keystone Poly Dining Chair

Keystone Dining Chair

Item #: 977-P

Seat Cushion for Keystone Chair

Seat Cushion for Keystone Chair

Item #: 966

For color options, see our colors page.

Poly Counter Height Rectangular Tables

Counter Height Tables

Item #: 900 Series

980-PC - 43" x 43" Counter Table
981-PC - 43" x 60" Counter Table
982-PC - 43" x 72" Counter Table
983-PC - 43" x 96" Counter Table

Square Counter Height Poly Table

Square Counter Height Table

Item #: 972-PC


Round Poly Counter Height Tables

Round Counter Height Tables

Item #: 970-PC - 42" Dining Table
Item #: 969-PC - 48" Dining Table
See our umbrella options.

Half Round Counter Height Poly Table

Half Round Counter Height Table

Item #: 971-PC


 Keystone Counter Height Poly Chair

Keystone Counter Chair

Item #: 750-PC

 Keystone Counter Height Poly Chair with Arms

Keystone Counter Chair with Arms

Item #: 750-PAC

Poly Counter Height Stool

Counter Height Stool

Item #: 974-PC

Poly Counter Height Swivel Stool

Counter Height Swivel Stool

Item #: 974-PSC

Poly Bar Height Rectangular Tables

Bar Height Tables

Item #: 900-PBAR Series

980-PB - 43" x 43" Bar Table
981-PB - 43" x 60" Bar Table
982-PB - 43" x 72" Bar Table
983-PB - 43" x 96" Bar Table

Square Bar Height Poly Table

Square Bar Height Table

Item #: 972-PB

Round Poly Bar Height Table

Round Bar Height Table

970-PB - 42" Round Bar Table
969-PB - 48" Round Bar Table
See our umbrella options.

Half Round Bar Height Poly Table

Half Round Bar Height Table

Item #: 971-PB

Keystone Poly Bar Chair

Keystone Bar Chair

Item #: 750-PB

Keystone Poly Bar Chair with Arms

Keystone Bar Chair with Arms

Item #: 750-PAB

Poly Bar Height Stool

Bar Height Stool

Item #: 974-PB

Poly Bar Height Swivel Stool

Bar Height Swivel Stool

Item #: 974-PSB

Seat Cushion for Stool

Seat Cushion for Stool

Item #: 986

Pillows for Outdoor Furniture


Item #984 - 22''w x 5''d x 22''h
Item #960 - 16''w x 4''d x 16''h

Especially designed to go along with our Mission and Van Buren style furniture, but works great with other styles also.
For color options, see our colors page.

Poly Swivel Dining Chair

Keystone Swivel Dining Chair

Item #: 977-PAS

23"w x 17.75"d x 38.75"h

Poly Swivel Counter Chair

Keystone Swivel Counter Chair

Item #: 750-PACS

23"w x 17.75"d x 44"h

Poly Swivel Bar Chair

Keystone Swivel Bar Chair

Item #: 750-PABS

23"w x 17.75"d x 48"h

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